Pizza rehab: from junkfood to superfood

Pizza has a bad reputation. Sure, it’s bad for us, but we can’t resist indulging every now and then. But what if you could enjoy tasty pizza that packs serious nutritious punch? Wizardry, you say? Not quite. The transformation from cholesterol catastrophe to sustainable superfood is here, it’s in Copenhagen, and it’s cruelty-free.

WHO & GNH Maternal Nutrition report

As a World Health Organization collaboration center, our staff and students are passionate about reporting on the pressing issues in public health and nutrition. This month, GNH students, staff and interns co-authored the latest on ‘Good Maternal Nutrition’ alongside the WHO Regional Office for Europe. 

What Does it Mean to be a WHO Collaborating Centre?

It was with a mixture of pride and pleasure that Metropolitan’s international Bachelor Programme in Global Nutrition and Health (GNH) was recently redesignated as a WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for a two-year period (2014-2015) following its initial designation in 2010. This means GNH will continue to be part of a global network comprising 80…