New Nordic Cuisine: Bugs

Michelin stars and bugs don’t make obvious allies in an award-winning restaurant. But Noma’s Head Chef René Rezepi is hoping to start a food revolution by introducing bugs to Western palettes. GNH graduate Tine Niklasson promotes gastronomic entophagy through her company Buggies. Why are world-leading chefs and enterprising GNH graduates so excited about eating bugs?

My first summer holiday as a GNH student.

After having had a fantastic first year, studying Global Nutrition and Health in Copenhagen, I had planned an adventurous summer holiday – 2 months travelling through Ecuador and Peru. When I booked my tickets, I never thought what I had learned during the first year at university would have such a great impact on my…

Health Care in Nairobi, Kenya

During my 2 weeks in Kenya, I got a unique introduction to the Kenyan health care system. My first experience was 2 days volunteering in Mathare North health clinic located in the Mathare slum, where I followed the work of the local nutritionists.