Babies, brains, and a fishy dilemma

Navigating online nutrition information can be confusing. One site claims oily fish are rich in fatty acids essential for healthy brain development. Another says fish contain toxic levels of mercury which damage children’s brain development. Fortunately, the European Journal of Public Health has published GNH graduate Suman Thapa’s review of fish consumption and cognitive development. Refreshing fact-checking, in 2016’s post-truth Internet chaos.

New Nordic Cuisine: Bugs

Michelin stars and bugs don’t make obvious allies in an award-winning restaurant. But Noma’s Head Chef René Rezepi is hoping to start a food revolution by introducing bugs to Western palettes. GNH graduate Tine Niklasson promotes gastronomic entophagy through her company Buggies. Why are world-leading chefs and enterprising GNH graduates so excited about eating bugs?

From GHN to the Second International Nutrition Conference in Rome, Italy

My name is Kamilla Eriksen and I was one of the first GHN students to graduate in 2010 with the specialisation Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy. Since then I have finished two master degrees, one from RUC in Health Promotion and Communication and another one in Nutrition for Global Health from London School of…