Food sharing in Copenhagen.

Welcome to the ‘Foodsharing Copenhagen’ blog! Since food sharing in Copenhagen is growing at an exponential rate, several GNH students (and dedicated food sharers) decided to give you personal insight into the movement here.
After all, food is what brings us together.

Let’s start with a quick bit of history. The food sharing phenomenon started in Germany in 2012 after a group of activists thought about how best to share within the communities. Four years later, it has become a huge concept involving several cities across Germany. Refrigerators were placed in spots around the cities where people would leave unwanted food for others. This helped tackle the fact that most food that is wasted is on the individual or household level.

The concept of food sharing has a strong underlying meaning. It is about sharing resources, so there is no money involved, due to the belief that food is more than a commodity.

positive sharing sustainable sustainability zero waste
Food sharing motto (Photo by James Buxton-Wade)

That brings us to the present day, in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. ‘Foodsharing Copenhagen’ started in May 2016 after a several people noticing the concept wasn’t happening locally. A group of people took Christiania bikes (a bike with a big box on the front, for those unfamiliar with the cycling ways of Copenhagen) and collected unwanted food from the main supermarket, which supplies all the greengrocers in the city. Food was then made available for anyone who might need it.

Wednesdays are the official sharing day now. You can find food sharing at the collective boat ‘Floating City’, and FreeTown of Christiania.

There is huge potential for this movement to expand. The concept can grow beyond free food, to creating and spreading awareness about the large scale food waste that is happening all over the world. It can also form part of a much bigger picture regarding sustainability. We hope this project creates the stage to change the mindset of sharing, food, and food waste.

Each week we will update you on events, give you some food facts, and give you a personal insight into this movement.

Food ready for collection at Floating City (Photo by James Buxton-Wade)

Join up!

And become a volunteer!

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