GNH Ambassadors programme


Got something to say?

Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, photographer, filmmaker or writer, we want to work with you to share your GNH experience.

We have a whole host of social media platforms you can contribute to, from Instagram, to our YouTube channel, to Pinterest, Periscope, Tumblr and Facebook.

How to apply:

 Show us how you would engage online with the recent report that processed meats are as unhealthy as smoking and relate this to your work at GNH Metropol. This should be a photograph or 15s video you have taken, with accompanying text for the social media platform/s you think are appropriate.

You could submit:

  • Short blog post on the topic (with picture, taken by you)
  • Facebook update, video/picture taken by you + a relevant link
  • Instagram update, video/picture taken by you + a relevant link
  • Youtube video post
  • Create a Pinterest board on the topic


Submission deadline:      9 December 2015

Appointment:                    31 December 2015

Training:                             2 February 2016

What is the GNH Student Ambassador programme?

Our programme aims to select the most talented students from the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Global Nutrition and Health at Metropolitan University College. Ambassadors promote content of global nutrition and health across the globe using their valuable knowledge and inspiring creativity.

Our mission is to promote GNH as a center of knowledge that helps to increase people’s health and nutrition. GNHAMBASSADORS is a group of students exchanging knowledge and creating content about Metropolitan University College’s universe across social media and digital platforms. We are proud to have so much life and experiences to share.

You don’t have to be the most advanced social media user, the most experienced writer, photographer or filmmaker on earth, but we are looking for students who are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing their experiences on the programme and life in Copenhagen.

As an ambassador you have great opportunities to advance your career options, as well as gain new experiences. Below you can find some of the great things to archive:

Improve your resume:

  • Nowadays communication, creativity and social media are important points for any job position. Most professionals are required to develop and present at least one of these skills.
  • Global nutrition and health professionals can be required to promote their work and make campaigns to create a relation with investors through sponsorship or donations. As an ambassador, you will know how to do this.

Extra-curricular points

  • Extracurricular points may be helpful to archive scholarship or partial scholarship as well as other educational aims.

Certification and official letter from Metropolitan University College to all our ambassadors, which will prove helpful in future job interviews.

What do we need from you?

  • Passion
  • Commitment of 5 hours a month
  • Fresh, relevant ideas
  • Collaborative approach
  • Open, sharing attitude


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