Pausing to pose: yoga at GNH

Even in a department devoted to research and study of healthy lifestyles around the world, we sometimes forget to pause. Between hours of class, busy social lives, and internships or jobs, we always have an excuse to put off taking time for ourselvesLuckily, one of our own students is leading yoga classes in our building, and we’re all seeing the benefits of taking some time.

Although we’d love to be shining examples of Carl Honoré’s Slow Movement, sometimes we feel like this guy:


We spoke to Stine Glem about why she is sharing her yoga practice at GNH.

“Last semester, it was my privilege to have the opportunity to begin teaching one of my favorite things in the world to my fellow students: yoga! My fellow student Suvi left for her internship in the fall, and I jumped at the chance to fill her position and teach yoga at school once a week. I wanted to attempt to continue the success and spread this great atmosphere with classmates and new GNH students.

It all began during intro week, with a class for the new GNH students one morning. This was a huge moment for me. Facing a class of expectant faces, and not just attending a yoga class was a very different experience. Luckily, I had spent lots of time preparing, and was so excited to share elements of my personal yoga practice and show the class how incredible yoga can feel. Yoga is all about feeling; getting out of your head and into your body. Ultimately, it is about letting go of any physical and mental tension. Yoga is medicine for the soul and has so many positive effects that anyone can and deserves to experience!
yoga gnh
Despite my nerves, the class was a success and was well attended. Afterwards, many of the new students approached me to share their appreciation for the class, which warmed my heart deep inside. After this response, I gained more self-belief. This was the beginning of my dream and journey to be a yoga teacher and share the light with others.
Since then, I have been teaching about once a week and am loving every second. The comfortable space at GNH is a perfect place to practice teaching, and I feel so grateful to be able to share the magical moments on the mat with friends at GNH. It is also nice to feel my development as a teacher in a general sense; something that I believe takes many years to feel completely comfortable with.



Yoga isn’t just about attending the odd class here or there (even though it’s a great start!). Yoga can be everything you do. It allows you to bring your whole presence into everyday situations and begin to act more mindfully. It is the realisation you are your own teacher. You build an awareness of your internal condition and not just your outer circumstances. You are connected with your body and emotions, but not attached to them. Everything has a new meaning and light, a true purpose and an amazing feeling of joy.”

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