On Erasmus exchange on Amsterdam

Hi, I’m Mira, a fifth semester student of Global Nutrition and Health, specialising in Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy. Currently I’m in study exchange in Amsterdam.

Almost already before I started my studies at GNH I had a dream of going on an exchange during my Bachelor’s Degree. I knew that as a Dane I could get funding from the European pool called Erasmus + so I was thinking, “why not doing it”? I wanted to see how they teach in other places than Metropol, to live a semester abroad and to meet many new people.  – Yes we have the internships as a part of the degree but it isn’t really the same as living and studying 5 months in another location. I spent some time in finding a program that fits in regards the subjects that we would have at GNH during my exchange period, which wasn’t that easy, as GNH is quite a unique program. In the end I did found a course in Amsterdam – so now here I am! 

Introduction week
My group from the introduction week.


In the first week I was here I had an introduction week together with all international students from all different universities and departments in Amsterdam. This really made the first period fun and easier as we all met so many people from day one.

I am studying at the “Hogeschool van Amsterdam” doing a course called “Health Care and Science, which include a lot of biostatistics, epidemiology, scientific writing etc. My class consists of mostly Dutch students mainly from physiotherapy, a few from ergo therapy, nursing and one from nutrition and dietetics. They are all from fields where they work more one to one, which has been different from what I am used to. It is interesting though  to work across the different fields.

Otherwise the way of teaching has been somehow similar as in Metropol, also with lots of group work.  A difference from Metropol is that we actually have a cantina – filled up with white bread and cheese though. The Dutch people love to eat white bread with cheese for lunch. I am just thinking that it is a bit contradicting in being in the “health department” …

I am in a really “gesellig”/”hyggelig”/cosy group for our project. I haven’t learned that much Dutch but this word is essential to know!

I am living in a student’s apartment only 15 min by bike to my school. I live together with a girl from Thailand who also does her exchange here but in the business school. We got this through a students housing company, which made it very easy to move here. You have to pay a bit for the company to organize it for you but it is worth it as it is even more difficult than in Copenhagen to find accommodation and the prices are normally very high.

I could write many pages about my life here but I promised to keep it short. If you are interested in hearing more about how it is to be an exchange student, the procedures in getting one or whatever else then feel free to send me a message!

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  1. Phil says:

    Hi Miracle. It is a pleasure to meet you. Would you mind leaving a contact so we can get to you directly.

    I am interested in getting in to Metropolitan University College. I may be needing your help or advice and experience /skills at some point.

    email: phelim24@gmail.com

    1. Hello Phil, very nice to know that you are interested in enjoying us at GNH – Metropol. You can find more information and contact details accessing our website (www.phmetropol.dk). =)

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