Experience GNH First Hand – Attend an Open House Event and Become a Student for a Day

There are many important things to consider when applying for a study programme. In addition to the content and the professional focus of the education and its career possibilities, you also need to consider the study environment you are most likely to feel comfortable in,  and which teaching style and methods match your preferred way of learning.

Sitting at home and reading about study programmes on university websites and study guides may provide good answers to most of your questions, but the best way to actually get a feel for the programme  is to experience it for yourself, talk with students who are already enrolled, and have a chat with teachers.

That is why GNH has several activities and events to provide you with a first-hand experience of the programme and its diverse and multicultural study environment. Visiting the programme before you submit your application for admission can be an essential factor in deciding whether GNH is the right programme for you and help you to write a stronger application.

Open House Events

Several times a year, we open the doors of our historic city centre campus in Pustervig 8 for an Open House Event. Here you can see the school and meet current students, lecturers and study counselors in an informal and cozy setting. We are there to answer any questions you may have about the programme, the study environment, social activities, career possibilities, admissions and applications, etc. The Open House is a good way of meeting several representatives from GNH all at once!

You can check the next Open House on this link.

Student for a day

To really get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a student at GNH, the best way is to visit the programme as a student for a day. When you visit GNH as a student for a day, you will be assigned  to a student, who will meet with you and take you to class. You will normally join a class for half a day at our Pustervig campus, and you will have the opportunity to talk to both the students and lecturers.
When we plan your visit, we take into consideration any preferences you have in terms of which weekday you would like to visit and which type of class – i.e. whether you wish to visit a class on the foundation year or on one of the two specializations; Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy or Lifestyle and Health Education. If you would like to visit more than one class, we can arrange several visits for you.

To sign up and become a student for a day, please contact me via email at mnni [@] phmetropol.dk

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