From Copenhagen to Harvard

Ding got her Bachelor’s Degree in Global Nutrition and Health from Metropolitan University College, and she is now working as a research assistant while studying at the Harvard School of Public Health. She would like to take a PhD next year and become a professor in this field in the future. Her goal is to bring people a better life with her knowledge. In this post she will tell you about her Experience at GNH. Be sure to check out her photos at the end of the post.

To you, who yearn to make the world a better and healthier place:

My name is Jindong Ding Petersen. I’m currently working at Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health and Medicine, doing research on pollution and chemical exposure, in relation to elderly mortality. I graduated from Metropolitan University College in 2011 (BA in GHN).

Coming the long way from China to Denmark and dreaming to become a person that could help many people get a better life, Metropol was a perfect match that has helped me to begin living out my dream.

By providing professional teachers that facilitated development of my academic knowledge; Metropol also organized inter and intra-cultural study groups as well as offered a wide variety of activities aimed at improving communication skills; I was encouraged to engage in relevant field activities and during my stint at Metropol, I had opportunity to spend months working in as diverse places, like a refugee camp in Lebanon to a public health office of the Faroe Islands government. These experiences strengthened my research ability and helped me built a good network.

The faculty was very professional. I truly realized how much knowledge I gained in the Public Health field while at Metropol, when I began studying for my master degree. The lessons I was taught gave me comprehensive, deep and rich knowledge with regards to Public Health and the time spent at Metropol gave me an educational edge which I feel benefit from today at Harvard University. Looking back I can see how it has helped me to be able to work independently in my current position.

My 3.5 years stay at Metropol, was a great time in my life. We were more than 20 nationalities in our class, all more or less with different ethnicity, culture and educational backgrounds. The faculty worked hard to integrate us into a big family. During the study, we became collaborators and good friends and the relationships has remained firm since then.

From what I have experienced, I have to say, Metropol was just the right place for me to begin, and I will never forget the time I spent at Metropol along with my fellow students and faculty as well.

Metropol is so much more, it is a collective of both sharp brains and very competent educators – And This one… This one is for you!

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  1. Chalida Svastisalee says:

    Wow Ding! Most excellent!

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