Women & Food Security in Uganda

Our resident Food Security expert Ransom Lekunze recently left us for Uganda, spending a month as a Visiting Lecturer for African Diaspora Support to African Universities. We caught up with him about his time spent juggling public lectures, co-publishing with Ugandan scholars, and carrying out his own research with the women behind Uganda’s agriculture industry.

Tales from Tokyo

The University of Tokyo chose to fly one of our international students to their Inaugral Symposium to share her experience of studying abroad. But Japan had far more to share with her than she was expecting.

Arctic Appetite

At the Northernmost tip of the globe, Greenland can seem impossibly remote, even in our digitally connected society. With towering icebergs, the midnight sun of summer, and the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) in the winter months, it has an otherworldly beauty. (Traditional method of fish drying, Greenland. Image courtesy of Helle Kæer.)